Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

The Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists


Is a network of professionals committed to

- research and development of biorefinery

- foster cross-disciplinary research excellence and esteem

- communicate the best practices and sustainability trilemma objectively

- demonstrate benefits to society

- provide education, training and support in biorefinery R&D

- promote and develop biorefinery for sustainable bioeconomy, poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation

- actions guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Our Mission is to promote and develop Biorefinery Engineering as a discipline with contributions from professionals from diverse range of science and engineering backgrounds with a research focus on bio / renewable systems.

Our Vision is to create generations of creative and competent engineers with a strong social consciousness and awareness, with ability to shape future integrated production and consumption systems that can help divesting in fossil-based economy.

Biorefinery Engineering is a discipline providing a methodological framework to address the challenges posed by the planning and design of sustainable biorefineries, from a systematically integrated perspective that accounts for inter- and intra-process integration opportunities together with external interactions and their complexities, ranging from agronomic, physical, chemical, biological, process systems, economic, environmental and policy issues, with emphasis on integration across the life cycle and within and across the system levels or scales”. 
"Process integration, economic and environmental analysis tools for biorefinery design"E Martinez Hernandez, PhD Thesis, 2013.

IBEST Founding Members