Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

The Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

The Biorefiner - IBEST's annual publication call for contributions

IBEST is calling for your contribution with short articles and notes to be published in the Annual "The Biorefiner" Magazine ISSN 2398-0575. Please complete one of the following templates for your contribution.

Research-based contributions. This two-page “The Biorefiner template” is mainly for presenting your research and your group's research showcase. Please give a general overview of your research, objectives, expected outcomes and impacts. List any publications, etc. data you have collected from open sources, important findings and impacts you have generated, etc.

New Biorefiner contributions. This template is a more informal for those new to the field of biorefineries or working as engineers, consultants, etc. Let the world know your activities in bioenergy, biofuels, biomass, biorefinery, waste processing and sustainability and any related project in which you are participating.

NOTE: Choose the one that you consider more appropriate for you. In any case, please avoid any confidential information and get permission to reuse any material (Figures, Tables, diagrams) from other publications or other sources.