Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

The Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

The Biorefiner Magazine (1st Issue)

Welcome to this very first issue of The Biorefiner! Turning biomass and waste streams - from industry, agriculture and from almost every activity, into valuable products is always in the mind of the biorefiner. In a world of cycles of cheap and expensive crude oil barrel (the direct competitor of biomass determining the pace of biorefinery deployments), climate change and resource scarcity, the biorefiner thinking is essential. In brief, the biorefiner can be defined as someone always up to the challenge and seeks to turn resource constraints and changing conditions into economic growth opportunities and social welfare thus contributing towards a sustainable bio-economy development. This is the spirit and driving force for this annual magazine.

In this first issue we feature an account of activities by the IBEST in its first year of age, including our two very successful research workshops, one in Mexico and one in Malaysia. The issue also features organisation profiles and research showcases from our members and we are extremely grateful to all of them who actively contributed to this issue. The IBEST is privileged by having their interesting, excellent and forward-looking research articles. New Biorefiner is a section for those new to the field who want to tell their story on how they embarked into the biorefinery arena and their ongoing work.

Through this first publication of The Biorefiner, the IBEST aims to create some stimulus for knowledge and research exchange in order to advance the field of biorefineries, and biomass and waste processing in general. As Professor Grant Campbell says in his Special Note, knowledge requires knowers and believers, we all have some of these and thus this magazine is dedicated to our current and future members for believing in what we pursue: to fully realise the biorefinery potential for providing sustainable energy, food ingredients, chemicals and materials for the sustainable future of our society.


Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan


Dr Elias Martinez Hernandez

Dr Kok Siew Ng