Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

The Institution of Biorefinery Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

Successful UK-Mexico Biorefinery Workshop

Thanks to all colleagues that made this workshop in Mexico a success. So far the workshop allowed to get insights into the biorefinery research in both countries and gathered ideas and approaches from a wide range of perspectives. The need for value chain creation, process integration, sustainability evaluation were key aspects being discussed. The potential of biorefineries as a concept to create value from wastes and as vehicle for circular economy was also highlighted during group discussions.

From the stories about your experiences at the workshop, it seems the workshop was successful in promoting networking between early-stage and senior researchers, industry and government. Furthermore, new links for international collaboration were formed and thus it can be said that the objectives of the Research Links Programme and its sponsors (CONACYT and British Council) were accomplished. There is obviously room for improvement and we were glad to hear your ideas for running the workshop activities and the IBEST. We are glad to hear enthusiasm to keep in touch and organise more meetings like this. Hopefully we can get support to make this happen.

We will be glad if you can make contributions meanwhile through the IBEST website. In the mean time, we have posted some materials from the workshop which we hope you enjoy. We especially need some pictures to share, so if anyone has some to share, please do send it by email.

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